General Info

  • What is a silencer/suppressor?

    The word silencer is a misnomer. Silencers cannot achieve complete silence; however, a Soteria suppressor can bring you close. With noise reduction of up to 40db (the noise is 10,000 times less powerful), a Soteria Supressor can protect your hearing and create a more family friendly experience at the gun range.

How to Buy

  • How to order from Soteria?

    Contact your local Class 3 dealer and request a Soteria Suppressor! (index the list I created and make it filtered by state) Contact us if you would like help with your order or for more information. Visit How To Buy A Suppressor to learn more.

Soteria Products

  • How are you so confident that a Soteria suppressor is quiet?

    Because we use the finest sound testing equipment available!

    We test and refine all of our products using a Defense Noise Evaluation Kit (DNEK) from Bruel & Kjær.

    DNEK is normally used for military personnel noise exposure. DNEK provides acoustic measurements up to 194 dB, personal noise dose logging, critical human ear canal measurements and comes with full analysis and documentation software.

  • What kind of suppressors do you offer?

    Soteria creates suppressors in a wide range of calibers, colors, and finishes. Visit our Products page for a complete list.

    Finishes available on most suppressors include:

    Camo Real Tree Max 5 Mossy Oak

    Camo Real Tree Max 5 Mossy Oak

    Digital Camo Brown and Green

    Digital Camo Brown and Green

    Pink Camo Real Tree and Muddy Girl

    Pink Camo Real Tree and Muddy Girl