How To Buy


Note:  All silencers must ship to a licensed NFA dealer in your state of residence and are not legal in all states.  Please check local laws before ordering.

How To Buy A Silencer:

  1. Call 1-256-403-2457 or submit a contact form to place your order with Soteria.
  2. Find a local Class 3 dealer in your state to transfer the silencer and have them fax or email us a copy of their license.
  3. We will ship the silencer to the dealer after ATF approval for the transfer (which may take 4-8 weeks).
  4. Once your dealer has the silencer in their possession, you can begin your paperwork for the transfer.
  5. The paperwork you complete with your local dealer will require you to submit your name and address, fingerprints, a photo, and have your local sheriff approve and sign the forms.  You are also required to pay a one-time $200 transfer tax to the ATF when purchasing each silencer (this tax not included in the sale price).
  6. The ATF is currently taking 6 months to approve and return the paperwork.  Once approved, you can pick up your silencer from your local dealer.
  7. For more information about silencer ownership, please visit the ATF website or contact your local authorities.



Our suppressors come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship and will repair or replace, free of charge, any sound suppressor we make. This warranty does not cover damage to the sound suppressor from criminal or negligent use, improper or careless handling, modifications made by the purchaser, defective reloaded ammunition, or just pure neglect. This warranty cannot and will not cover damage to the sound suppressor due to improper installation of the suppressor, or an improperly threaded barrel. Any repairs not covered by this warranty can be repaired, however the charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser and not Soteria, LLC.

Shipping to and from Soteria, LLC is the responsibility of the purchaser.