Flash Hiders

Flash Hiders


Our Flash Hiders are primarily used to fit on to your firearms to have the option of shooting either suppressed or unsuppressed as desired.

Soteria Flash Hiders direct the gases in an upward direction to aid in minimizing muzzle lift.
You can buy additional Flash Hiders to fit other firearms so that you can easily switch your suppressor to other firearms.

However be sure to order the correct caliber designation for your gun and also be sure not to switch your suppressor to a caliber that is larger than the caliber rating of your suppressor.

Specify thread requirements as suffix to the part number.
Example: MZ-223- ( ½ – 28)

Item Nos. Caliber
MZ-223- xx 223/5.56
MZ-308- xx 308/7.62
MZ-900 –xx 9mm
MZ-338- xx 338 Lapua

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Flash Hiders


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