What Makes Soteria Unique

Excellence is in Our DNA

Soteria was formed in 2015 with one mission- to provide hunters, law enforcement, the military, and gun enthusiasts with the best possible suppressors.  The singular focus of that mission drives the quality and effort we put into each and every suppressor we make.

From our state-of-the-art Precision Manufacturing Facility, to the high level of excellence that serves as the benchmark standard in our full comprehensive Quality Control Lab, to the vast array of top-quality Cerakote Finishes that we make available – every step in our manufacturing process is carefully refined to make certain that our customers get the very best suppressors that money can buy.

Our manufacturing software systems include MasterCam and G-zero for machine programming and SolidWorks for design and 3D printing, helping to ensure that our products have outstanding quality from the very start.  Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our Quality Control Lab includes variable and attribute gauging tools and modern coordinate measuring equipment — all of which guarantees the best possible quality throughout the rest of the manufacturing process.

From the moment our products are conceived until the moment they are packaged up to ship to our Authorized Dealers and customers, excellence in our manufacturing process is our way of making certain that our customers get the quality products they have come to expect from Soteria.